Vehicle Disinfection Services

Industrial Vehicle Disinfection for Manufacturing Sites and Fleets


Do you really know that you can safely hand over your vehicles in this time of COVID-19?

Unusual times create unusual challenges for companies that require new and safe solutions. Formel D is here to support their customers effective immediately with the disinfection of vehicles and vehicle components along the entire value chain, to ensure a comprehensive protection for both your employees and their end customers.

Due to the corona crisis, the topics of hygiene and proper disinfection are a major focus for everyone both personally and professionally in the different industries. This also applies to work processes in the automotive industry. Vehicle components delivered to the manufacturing and production lines, and the vehicles handed over to the end customer, must be free of any contaminates in order to prevent possible further infection of production employees and end customers. Therefore, vehicle manufacturers and fleet companies need a fast and flexible solution that is both cost-effective and professionally done, in a manner not damaging to the vehicles during the sanitation process.


Our solution

  • Sanitation of vehicle parts - The sanitation process of vehicle parts can be carried out before the transfer to the assembly process
  • Sanitation of tools - Multiple daily disinfection procedures of tools and equipment shared by more than one person according to a defined schedule
  • Sanitation of entire vehicles - Depending the process flow, customers can decide to sanitize the vehicle in every process step along the entire value chain or at the end of line after production
  • Disinfection Service Application - Detailed Monitoring and documentation of each disinfection process step
  • Mobile disinfection for individual market needs - Flexible use of Formel D disinfection services for tailored applications to the vehicles in the various markets – i.e./ fleets, rental cars, yard vehicles, shuttle vans

Formel D will address all of your needs and requirements to ensure protection against contamination with a trained team and modern sanitation equipment on your site. We can implement this process as either an added work step or, integrated in an already existing quality controlled production process. All processes are continuously monitored and extensively documented by Formel D by using VIN tracking tools. The entire sanitization process is carried out to the highest standards, without any physical contact of the vehicle surfaces.


  • In a jointly defined process with our customer, all components, production steps and interfaces will be addressed as needed. We can work together and suggest various solutions, specifically for your application, due to the nature of our business and our experience in many other industrial sectors.
  • Highly competent teams, with many years of experience in the quality assurance programs implemented for vehicles of all kinds.
  • Solution Oriented: Whether mobile services, on short notice or for 10,000 or more vehicles – we have the experienced teams to help you
  • Everywhere you need us – here locally or anywhere your vehicles might be on the globe


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